Selected Candidates for Ph.D. Program (August 2021)

Selected Candidates for MS Program (August 2021)



Written test for Mathematics PhD Interviews

Link to question paper

Google Form link for submission of answer sheet (submit a single pdf file by 4PM)


  1. You need to submit the form after logging in with a Gmail account. Please use the primary email account you have given in your application form. If the primary account you have given is not a Gmail account then use the  secondary email account you have mentioned in your application form.
  2. You have to submit the form latest by 4 PM, June 21 2021. The Google form will stop accepting responses at 4:01 PM.
  3. You can submit the form only once. As ample time has been provided, try to finish the test by 3:15 PM and carefully organise and scan your answer sheets.
  4. Please read the instructions in the question paper carefully and follow the instructions fully.
  5. This test works on an honour basis. You are not allowed to take help, consult with anyone or refer to the internet/textbooks during the course of this test. This is exactly like an exam but happening outside the exam hall and without supervision. Dishonesty in this written test will be grounds for disqualification.
  6. Please attempt the answers in A4 sheets of paper. Scan them using a scanning app like Microsoft Office Lens or similar. Please send only one pdf file. Please take clean scans of your answer sheets. The naming convention is ApplicationNO-NAME-Test.pdf. For example, if your application number is PhD-MM-184-300 and your name is John Doe then name your file as MM-184-300-John-Test.pdf.
  7. You have to answer the first two sections in the question paper mandatorily.
  8. The final four sections correspond to the four specializations in which there are openings. You have to answer the section corresponding to ALL the specialization(s) you have opted for in the application form.
    • If you have chosen Several Complex Variables, you have to answer questions from the section on Complex Analysis.
    • If you have chosen Low-dimensional Topology, you have to answer questions from the section on Topology.
    • If you have chosen Commutative Algebra, you have to answer questions for the section on Algebra.
    • If you have chosen Mathematical Statistics and Probability theory, you have to answer questions from the section on Probability and Mathematical Statistics.
Should you have any difficulties, please email us at All the best!




Deadline for submitting SoP for candidates shortlisted for the interview in Mathematics extended to 5 PM June 5. No further extension would be granted beyond this.


Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad (IIT Palakkad or IIT PKD) is a public autonomous engineering and research institute located in Palakkad, Kerala. It is one of the five new IITs proposed in the 2014 Union budget of India. The campus was inaugurated on 3 August 2015 at the temporary campus site located inside the Ahalia Integrated Campus, Palakkad. In February 2019, academic activities commenced in the Nila campus in Kanjikode. The institute has nearly 60 faculty, 600 students, and 50 non-teaching staffs

IIT Palakkad, one of the new IITs established under MHRD during the year 2015, started academic functioning from August 2015. Currently, the Institute is operational from the transit campus at Kanjikode, Palakkad and the temporary campus located at Ahalia Integrated campus, Kozhipara, Palakkad.